Serge T

They make great coffee and espresso, have a variety of delicious desserts, bagels with Lox if you please, Blue Bell ice cream, and mixed energy drinks all served by a warm and friendly staff.

The interior is clean, modern, and the vibe is pretty chill. It's a great place to study or just hang out and drink coffee. They even have a "take a book, leave a book" basket.

Better than Starbucks any day. Who even gets Starbucks in Sedalia anymore?

Tanya G

Absolutely adorable coffee shop! The coffee is 100 times better than Starbucks. I really like that they offer variety of desserts, pastries, etc. Atmosphere is wonderful in this place as well. 5 Stars+

Sofia G

These guys are awesome. They have some of the best coffee in Sedalia, and the employees and owners are always so kind to their customers. The atmosphere is always so welcoming and warm, and they have the BEST desserts here. Teremok has such a good variety of drinks and food. We always try to stop by when we're in town.

Olga T

I love their coffee. As always. They truly have set an environment where every time you go, they put a smile on your face. The space is amazing to hang out. I love that they also love Jesus and proclaim him. They have set an atmosphere to where you know he reigns there. Thank you Teremok coffee. Love the hours also.

Inga L

Clean. Good customer service. Ice cream coffee sweets soft drinks a little bit for everyone/for whole family.
*I would only add sandwiches but I believe they will ;)
Thank you!

Misty C

We LOVE this place. BEST desserts EVER. The coffee is fantastic. It's our favorite place to go. YUM!

Anna M

I absolutely love this coffee shop! The staff are super helpful and friendly. The coffee and variety of drink options is awesome. It's not too highly priced. There are areas to sit and do homework which is so nice. Overall, this coffee shop is amazing. I highly recommend anyone to come and check it out 10/10!

Abby W

The best coffee in town!! Absolutely love the positive atmosphere & energy! The desserts are just phenomenal! And they have BAGELS, (Salmon bagels!) The owners & employees are the sweetest souls! Highly recommend this amazing new coffee shop! I'll be coming here often.

Andrey A

I have been trying to stop by this place in while, finally did this morning. love the atmosphere, coffee is great! Great variety of sweets and more! Definitely my choice on my next coffee craving morning!

Mark M

The coffee is Bomb!! It's my favorite coffee in town! I've tried a lot of coffees and this is my favorite! The staff are so sweet and kind. I also LOVE their many different varieties of desserts and snacks. 100% try it out. You won't regret it. Plus, they have a lot of places just to hang out and chill.

Liz T

Absolutely loved it here! I go to Teremok European Market often and walking into a fresh aroma of coffee coming from the other side, is always a great way to get you going. The staff is very friendly and helpful, giving you a variety of options and recommendations. 10/10 would definitely recommend :)

Julie C

Coffee is delicious, tea is yummy, several unique desserts that are very tasty. Customer service is exceptional. Nice atmosphere to sit and enjoy your time. Our "go-to" coffee place when we are in Sedalia.

Lacey M

Lovely decor, super friendly staff/service, and the coffee was amazing! Frappes were impressively smooth! Cinnamon bun frappe is my new fave!

Midwest T

Love this place! A+ desserts and wonderful Italian sodas

Olga T

Amazing amazing COFFEE. I am a lover of coffee and this one is my favorite place to get coffee. Also, I love the atmosphere. So peaceful and calming. The staff are so sweet and the desserts there are amazing.

Erinna G

Lovely little local coffee spot with amazing fresh pastries and cool ambience.

Heath H

10/10 recommend! Not highly priced, coffee tastes amazing, and the service was excellent. Definitely would give it a try if you stop in Sedalia.

Kateryna L

First time trying this place out and my breve cappuccino was creamy how I like it, and had a perfect balance. The side of kievskie cake was nice, but I really enjoyed their smaller macaroons, the texture & flavor was perfect.
Would say its slightly on the pricier side. For reference my coffee with breve was $6 , cake slice $6, macaroon $2ish. But your def paying for quality coffee and European desserts. Looking forward to my next visit here.

venessa r

10/10!!! This place is amaaazing. The coffee definitely hits the spot and not to mention all the goodies. There's macaroons, cakes, ice cream, and Russian sandwiches!! Stop by and visit them, it will be your new daily favorite!


Seriously love this place! Beautiful desserts, perfect coffee, cozy environment... what's not to love!

Tara F

Absolutely LOVED our coffee and dessert!! Fantastic little place and will be back!!

DEN Transport Inc

Very delicious desserts , clean and good service very friendly people.

Kristina S

Awesome coffee and the nicest baristas!

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