Send an Arrangement to Someone Special

Order flowers from Teremok Coffee & Desserts

Whether you've got a special event coming up or you just want to do something nice, a flower arrangement is a great way to mark an occasion. Luckily, Teremok Coffee & Desserts handles flower arrangements in Sedalia, MO in addition to providing baked goods and specialty coffee.

You can order flowers for an upcoming birthday, anniversary or other special event. Our flowers are sourced from another local business, State Fair Floral, so each bouquet purchase stays in the community. You can order flowers in stand-alone bouquets or in vases. Call 660-620-9929 now to schedule for a flower arrangement.

Choose from a variety of flowers

You can order an arrangement that features a variety of flower types. Our most common bouquets include...

  • Roses and carnations. Add some flair to an upcoming anniversary
  • Eucalyptus. Get an arrangement that will last longer than other flowers
  • Tulips and peonies. Start off spring with a seasonal flower mix
Add some seasonal plant life to your next event when you order flowers from us. Contact us today to discuss your next flower arrangement.